We Use The Highest Quality Products & Materials

You deserve the best the marketplace has to offer when it comes to the brands that go into your home. We have chosen these specific products because they offer unparalleled quality and dependability while delivering style and cost effectiveness.

Showers and Tubs

Center Around the Bath
For many of us, the most tranquil moments in the day take place in the bath. Bathtubs and showers are where warm water performs its magic: relaxing muscles, cleansing the body and reviving spirits. To make the most of this daily ritual of rejuvenation, we offer you a wide choice of beautifully designed fixtures and accessories for bathtubs and showers, toilets and bathroom sinks.

Experience Jacuzzi®
Known for over 50 years as the leader in whirlpool bathtubs, Jacuzzi has refined and developed the bathing experience. Today, our Pure Air® bathtubs are the talk of the industry, creating an entirely new feeling delivered by tubs full of warm effervescence. You can indulge in either a vigorous whirlpool jet massage or an air bath in the Salon™ Spa, an experience available in an array of models.

Solid Wooden Cabinets
Part of any quality home is solid wood furniture. Many places today use particle board in furniture construction because it is cheaper. But anyone with an eye for quality can see the beauty and the value in solid wood furniture and cabinets. At Texas Innovation Homes, we provide the best in modern high quality cabinetry.

No granite countertop is complete without beautiful wooden cabinets supporting them. The wood tone should complement the colors of the granite and flooring. One of our designers can help you make the perfect choice of styles and colors to achieve the feeling you want.

High Quality Flooring

Hardwood floors add an air of class as well as structural strength when used in your home. They provide a sense of permanence to an interior and remain the most popular flooring choice for those who value tradition. They are very easy to clean as they do not accumulate a lot of dirt, dust, and debris.

Hardwood floors are tough, hard-wearing and have long term durability. They can stand up to active workspaces and heavy foot traffic while maintaining an elegant aesthetic and high-end look.

Porcelain Tile
Porcelain tile is very durable, resistant to scratches and is water resistant. Tile is fairly easy to clean, and does not stain easily.

Since tile is water resistant, it is perfect for a bathroom or a kitchen. It may also work well in a dining area where food and drinks tend to be spilled frequently. Porcelain is a high quality material, but you may also want to consider materials such as marble, travertine, slate, and granite.

One of carpeting’s essential attributes is its soft, insulating, buffering nature. It naturally absorbs sound and gives a soft look to a room. It also insulates, which can be quite essential during colder weather. It is also comfortable for people regularly on their feet for extended periods, and is very forgiving of slips, trips and dropped items.

The best location for carpet is low traffic rooms, such as bedrooms. This minimizes the dirt that may get trapped in it.


Fixtures are one of the main focal points in the kitchen and bathroom. Your sinks, shower, tub and toilet should all work together to help create a style that you can call all your own.

The best way to begin selecting these essentials is to visit a bathroom showroom where you can see and try the different possibilities.
Please visit the Delta Faucet website to begin your selection process.

Walk-In Tubs

Staying independent at home never felt so good!
There is nothing like the simple pleasure of taking a warm bath. The cares of the day seem to fade away, along with the aches and pains of everyday life.

Unfortunately, for many seniors with mobility issues, the fear of slipping and falling has made their bathtub seem dangerous. And with good reason…over 13 million American seniors will suffer a fall this year, with most falls happening in the bathroom. Now there’s a simple, affordable solution that combines safety with revitalizing hydrotherapy and protects your independence.

Imagine that…a bath tub with a door!
Meet the Jacuzzi® walk-in tub. It’s unlike any other walk-in tub in the market today. The low, safe step and easy to use door are your gateway to a bath that invigorates your full day. No more stepping precariously over your tub’s high side wall. Instead, step into your own personal Jacuzzi hydrotherapy experience.

Close the leak-proof door and relax on the comfortable, raised seat. Let the warm, soothing water fill the tub. The tall walls let you soak up to your neck for total body therapy. Press a button and the Jacuzzi patented jets start their magic.

The patented Jacuzzi PointPro™ jet system features high-volume, low-pressure pumps with a perfectly balanced water-to-air ratio to massage thoroughly yet gently. Some swirl, some spiral, some deliver large volumes of water and others target specific pressure points. They’re arranged in precise locations that deliver a therapeutic massage, yet they are fully adjustable so that your bathing experience can be completely unique.

You’ve known the Jacuzzi brand for decades as the company that perfected hydrotherapy with their famous hot tubs. Now they’ve combined their pain-relieving, rejuvenating technology with the safety you need – all in a feature packed, luxurious and affordable tub that fits your existing tub’s space.